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About the musicians

Henk Profile PictureHenk, born in Stellenbosch, has been playing piano since the age of ten. He started off with classical music but switched in his early years to syncopation and jazz. At secondary school he started playing solo gigs at restaurants and hotels (De Kelder, Coetzenburg, Drostdy, Drie Gewels, Spier, ect.). Over the years he teamed up with various musicians, gaining experience in a wide range of music. Currently he enjoys playing European music on the accordion. You may have seen him in action at various wine estates during the last few years.

Anri Profile PictureAnri, born in Katua in the Northern Cape, gives a romantic and classic angle to Acoustics Alive. She studied music at the University of Potchefstroom where she graduated in 2003. Anri performed in various ensemble and orchestras in Kimberley and Potchefstroom, some of which were the Potchefstroom Ensemble Symphony and the Buzzin Brass Band conducted by Peet du Toit. Currently, Anri is Head of Department of the Van Riebeeckstrand Music Academy. Professionally Anri plays the flute at gigs and operates mostly in the West Coast Region.

Talitha Profile PictureTalitha, born in Port Elizabeth, started playing music from the age of six. Although starting off on the piano she also mastered the saxophone over the years. During her school years she played the saxophone in three bands, namely the PE Conservatory Band, the Collegiate Wind Band and the Collegiate Jazz Band, from which she recalls pleasant memories. Talitha remembers participating in two band festivals (2000 and 2002) in Cape Town. Talitha enjoys playing light contemporary music.